Zentroller 'The Silent Communicator'

A silent communication device with Remote control keyfob unit and quiet signal light for therapy control preference 

The Device

A silent communication device with Remote control keyfob unit and silent signal light for therapy control preference

Zentroller.com Device

'The Silent Communicator'

A silent signaling device developed for therapy sessions, table massage sessions, and intimate play ZENTROLLER.COM

With the Zentroller Silent Communicator, you can communicate without talking. During a massage, it may be hard to talk with your face down, but now you can focus on the area that needs attention, optimize the pressure depth of massage with the click of a button. The Zentroller device has a controller to signal silent direction to the massage therapist. Once the user clicks one of the 5 defined commands the light will signal the massage therapist immediately. The user controller has a light which defines which direction is currently activated for illumination and provides easy visual guidance without speaking.

A silent communication device with Remote control keyfob unit and silent signal light for therapy control preference

Now there is a way to experience a completely relaxing and effortlessly silent therapy communication like never before. Our user remote keyfob is a compact design with a soft sleek plastic button design. Use up to five control settings with user indicator lights. Communicate to move left or right easily and with the ease of a silent click

110 Lumen Brightness

3.98 x 2.24 x 2.05 inches
Designed In The USA
110 Lumen Lights

Risks and challenges
The challenges we face involve item development and production sources. Over time we hope to complete them but we are still working to make that a reality.

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Environmental commitments
Visit our Environmental Resources Center to learn how Kickstarter encourages sustainable practices.
Long-lasting design
The device we are producing is water resistant and particle resistant which should increase the longevity of the Zentroller. This device has multiple applications for reuse

Reusability and recyclability
We are using 100% recyclable shipping materials and the device has a rechargeable power source to recharge quickly for reusability

Sustainable materials
We ship supporting documentation on low-impact, sustainable materials

Environmentally friendly factories
This product has a low sound resonance system which can signal without noise pollution

Sustainable Distribution
We will only ship using cost-effective and sustainable ground transportation to eliminate air and plane pollution

Something else
As a mean of sustainable practice, zentroller.com is fully green and has no internal paper use or waste

Press Left to direct left

Press Right to direct right

Press to request lighter massage

Hold to request heavier massage


Light Module

The Zentroller© light module comes with 36 cob leds to reach 110 lumens, only 45g in weight, 87mm in length. It's waterproof and rechargeable. The therapy light provides extra-wide angle of view up to 150 degree and 492 feet distance visibility

Long Life

Zentroller© has a long life and allow to be rechargeable over and over again. 3 hours can reach the full charge and this will provide 30-36 hours

Multiple Remote Compatible

After the tail light is fully charged, it needs to be matched with the wireless remote control to resume normal operation. The method is: press the therapy light on/off button and the controller on/off button at the same time for about a few seconds, so that they can be paired. This allows multiple Zentrollers© to operate at the same time

Frequently asked questions

  • How can you use the Zentroller© Silent Communicator?
    The Zentroller© device allows the user to click a keyfob to provide direction to a therapist or partner
  • Can I recharge the device?
    Yes, the Zentroller© is rechargable and reusable 
  • Is this a therapy aid?
    The Zentroller© silent communication device is a therapy aid to mute individuals and can be applied to therapy applications

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